Brave pet cat fights off deadly cobra at home in southern India

This is the moment a cat is seen fighting off a deadly cobra at the corridor of a home in southern India.

CCTV footage shows the cat confronting the slippery visitor from entering further inside the home on July 2.

The feline is seen battling with the crawler for a while as it slaps its paws on the reptile.

The snake attempts to attack but to no avail.

The feline then grabs the deadly reptile in its mouth and runs outside the house.

The owner of the house Arun Chandru, who saw the unusual fight on the camera, rushes out of his room to check if the cat was safe.

Arun called a snake rescuer immediately and rescued the reptile in a plastic jar that was later released in the wild.

Arun said: ''There are kids who crawl on the ground, some kids from my neighborhood visit my place too. It could have bitten them.”

''I always knew my cat was funny and intelligent, it is just now we came to know that it is brave.''