Brave rescuers wade through filthy Thai sewer to catch python terrorising homes

Brave rescue workers waded through a filthy sewer to catch a python that was terrorising homes.

Shocked locals saw the 13ft long snake slithering among properties in the Bang Pakong district, Chachoengsao Thailand yesterday (August 18) afternoon.

Builders working on a new house then had to down tools when the serpent slid down a hole and wrapped itself around pipes in a nearby sewer.

Terrified local Ekkasit Punsamrong, 24, called the emergency services to snare the beast.

He said: ''We were digging a hole to plant a pipeline for the owner new swimming pool but the python was there. We were scared and had to call for help. We couldn't carry on digging while it was there.''

Volunteers arrived and found the snake had slithered and hid at the end of the underground chamber which was 10 metres deep.

The 13ft long python was finally captured by the rescue team who entered the swamp full of mud through the hole dug by the workers.

Snake catchers rescue team put the python in a sack to release it back to the wild and let the labourers continue their work.