Brave taxi driver intervenes after witnessing a man bullying a woman

This is the moment a taxi driver in Staffordshire helped a woman who was being harassed in a car park in the middle of the night.

After being alerted to the altercation on May 18, Dave Johnson put himself in between the two hoping it would defuse the situation.

“I approached slowly with caution as often I find a third party can calm things down a little, often though the third party gets a smack in the face!” Dave told Newsflare.

Neither of the two people were Johnson’s passengers but after arriving at the venue for his own clients he wasn’t willing to let the situation to escalate.

“The man was walking up to the woman for a long time and wouldn't let her go,” another taxi driver on the scene explained.

Johnson managed to separate the two and get the woman safely out of the situation, however, the man retaliated by thumping his fist onto his taxi as he was driving away.