Brave teenagers rescue stray dog stranded in dirty canal

This was the heartwarming moment brave teenagers wade through a sewage-infested canal to save a stranded dog.

Pornpipat Suwanakar, 19, spotted the hapless mutt balancing on a floating piece of debris after falling into the waterway in Bangkok.

He clambered down the bridge with friends Pongdej SiyaIam and Thanaphon Suphachi.

The pair coaxed over the stay dog but it was too afraid to leap to them so they stepped down into the filthy water which was swollen from the recent heavy rain.

Thanaphon then carried the hapless mutt through the water to safety.

Pornpipat, who filmed the clip, said: ''The dog was just floating in the water and we had to catch him like we were fishing.

''I'm not sure what would have happened to him and how he fell into the water. The canal is so dirty and smells a lot. It's lucky there was something for him to stand on.

''The dog was happy that he was rescued. And we were happy to have a shower after.''