Brave Thai fireman shows how to escape a deadly python attack

A fireman in Bangkok shows how giant pythons can strangle humans in seconds - with the only chance of survival being to protect your neck and call for help.

Extraordinary footage, filmed on April 29 at the fire station where the brave rescue worker, Phinyo Pukphinyo, 49, is based, reveals how to survive an attack from a giant python intent on eating him.

Phinyo allows the 14ft snake to coil around his head and follow its natural instinct to kill him.

The crucial move that saves him from strangulation sees Phinyo puts an arm in front of his neck, to prevent the python from crushing his trachea and causing almost instant death.

The move allows Phinyo valuable moments to call for help and a two strong colleague are able to remove the snake from its victim.

Phinyo says in the video,: ‘’I’m going to show you how to get out of that situation when the python’s attacking.''

An expert snake catcher, Phinyo snares 2000 of the reptiles each month when he’s called to emergencies at homes in Bangkok.

The deadly profession, which once left him in hospital for three months from a cobra bite, has made him one of the world’s best snake catchers.