Brave woman halts traffic to rescue kitten stranded on road

This brave woman stepped out in front of a 10-wheel truck on a motorway to rescue a stranded kitten.

Narong Intharason, 40, was riding a motorcycle along the highway in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on December 3, when he noticed the struggling moggy.

The kitten was trembling as it to get off the road, inches from passing vehicles hurtling down the road.

Narong pulled over and was about to scoop up the cat when a woman waved down the truck and walked out in front to grab the cat.

Narong said: ''One truck had already sped by without stopping. It had gone over the kitten but its wheels did not touch it.

''I was worried that the kitten would be run over unless somebody picked it up. I stopped my motorcycle to try to help, but before I could get there the woman came outside and picked up the cat.

''She said that she will keep the kitten at her home and look after it.''