British 'Iron Man' flies jet suit in gridlocked Bangkok claiming it will be the 'future of travel'

A British engineer dubbed the real-life Iron Man demonstrated his flying suit over gridlocked Bangkok yesterday - claiming it will be the future of travel.

Former Royal Marne Richard Browning flew in his six-cylinder jet suit, which he controls by movings his arms, in front of crowds along the Chao Phraya River.

The inventor, from Wilshire, UK, was seen reaching speeds of 50kmph in front of skyscrapers in the Thai capital, notorious for its pollution and traffic jams.

Richard, who was attending a manufacturing event, believes suits like his will be ‘’the future of travel’’.

He said: ‘’In terms of practical applications [for the suit] there are some niche uses in terms of very precise search and rescue, special forces use to get soldiers in or out of places and potentially the police forces getting into areas very quickly.

‘’But, to be honest, our main focus is entertainment and racing and using that as a mechanism to accelerate the development of the technology.

‘’The very first motorcars were considered to be noisy, inefficient and in no way as good as horses, but look what happened with many years of evolution, so I think we’re on the same pathway. This will rapidly improve with every month that goes by.’’

Richard, the founder of Gravity Industries, said in a press release his jet suit flight was the first time it had been performed in Thailand.

He added: ‘’We believe this will be the future of travel.”

Richard previously revealed that the British army was interested in using his suit, having previously ‘’given up on flying soldiers."

The footage was captured yesterday (May 14).