British runner Susannah Gill sets world record to win World Marathon Challenge

British runner Susannah Gill has won the World Marathon Challenge, running seven marathons on seven continents across seven days.

Gill, a 34-year-old Communications and Corporate Affairs Director from London, was one of only two British runners who take part in one of the toughest endurance races on Earth.

Gill finished the final race in Miami in a time of 3:26:34 to set a new world record. She completed the 183-mile challenge early on Thursday morning and, after finishing second in the first marathon in Antarctica, won each of the six remaining races.

Gill ran 295km (183 miles), travelled over 30,000 miles across the globe, experiencing nearly 50-degree temperature changes, sleeping on planes and living off of airplane food, all in less than 168 hours whilst raising money for UK charity SportsAid.

American Mike Wardian won the men’s title after winning the final marathon in Miami in a time of 2:53:03.

This video contains footage filmed throughout the competition.