British surfer Tom Butler 'breaks world record for riding biggest wave'

A British surfer may have broken the record for riding the biggest wave ever.

Tom Butler took on a huge swell at Nazaré in Portugal on Friday (December 14) estimated to be more than 100ft tall (30m).

Onlookers and surfing experts have said he had beaten the previous record of 80ft - set in November 2017 by Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa.

The record is unlikely to be confirmed until WSL Big Wave Awards, which take place in April 2019.

Video seen here shows Butler riding the monster wave in real-time, followed by a slow-motion replay at half-speed.

Butler was towed into his wave by German big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner. Also on his team was Maya Gabeira, the woman who holds the record for riding the biggest wave.