British woman amazed by two otters swimming in her apartment's pool

This is the moment a British woman spotted two otters taking a dip in her apartment swimming pool.

Shona Trench, 57, noticed the two creatures gliding through the water outside her room in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, on Monday, October 1.

The housewife, originally an airport worker from Dundee, couldn't contain her astonishment when she saw the glistening otters.

She's heard in the footage saying: ''They're in the water, there's just the two of them, they're over here, they've already eaten all the fish.''

The two wet otters climbed out of the pool used by the apartment block's residents and plunged into a fish pond on the other side, before splashing around for several minutes.

Speaking after the incident, Shona added: ''The otters eventually clambered out and exited along the path to the front of the condominium.''

Concierge officer Brian Ladrillo said otters are sometimes seen at the residence during the night.

He said: ''The security guards and myself spot them quite frequently, often in the mid-night.''