Brown bear refuses to share sofa with his human

A brown bear in western Russia refuses to share the sofa with his owner and does everything he can to shove the owner off, even stretching his mouth wide open to the size of the owner's face.

The amazingly tame bear Stepan lives in western Russia with his owners, where this video was shot yesterday (March 14). In it we can see Stepan trying to push his owner Yurij off a sofa.

Caught by hunters who tried to sell the baby brown bear on the market, Stepan has lived almost all of his 25 years with his owners, who rescued him when he was only 3 months old.

The animal's body had several cuts and wounds when they found it, so they took it home for recovery.

One of the owners goes on to say: "I think our love melted Stepan's heart. It's very kind to everyone."

Apart from being a beloved pet, Stepan is also a star in Russian cinema. He has performed in many movies as a tame animal and took part in various Christmas events.