Buffalo born with rare set of wrap-around horns is revered by villagers

This buffalo is being revered by villagers after it was found living with a bizarre set of wrap-around horns.

The 16-year-old animal, named Jao-Tuu, had been carrying around the unusually shaped horns since she was born.

Her owner, Uthai Sil-anan, 50, believed that the baby buffalo was sick and let her be trudging through fields in Buriram province, northeastern Thailand.

But last week, the farmer was told by a local vet that the horns are a one-of-a-kind phenomenon that he has never seen before.

Locals in the remote region are now flocking to see the female buffalo and have made offers of more that 5,000GBP to buy her.

They believe that Jao-Tuu is a ''lucky buffalo'' that will bring them good fortune and have been making special offerings of bananas, apples and hay.

Owner Uthai Sil-anan said: ''When the buffalo was younger she started to grow strange horns. Then they wrapped around her head like this.

''She has always been loved by everyone in the village because she is very tame. She is a celebrity here, a superstar bull.

''I didn't know how special he was until the vet told me. He said this is the only buffalo he has ever seen with its horns like this.''

Uthai Sil-anan said that many people wanted to purchase his beautiful buffalo and had offered him more than 200,000 Baht.

But he refused to sell her because she was so loved by everyone in the family. He promised to raise and take care of the buffalo until its last day.