Bullfrog Grab Bird by the Head

Occurred on February 26, 2020 / Livingston, Louisiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "I had just gotten home from church. My ponah had just driven up with his little girl. I had my little boy and my two twin nieces with me. He was asking me when we had a pool-do (also known as a coot) there’re not actually ducks, show up at our pond. I said she flew in about a week ago and has been hanging out with the mallards ever since. All of this while I was looking for the pool-do. When I saw it flopping in the water I had originally thought it may have been shot. I ran up and that’s when the video began. My home sits over a pond that we built over a long period of time out of lumber from old cypress homes. We have a variety of wildlife here. This is a very small look into what we run into daily. This was on a Friday morning. Country living is a dream. Love it, Live it and learn it."