Bullfrong on a Bench

Occurred on June 9, 2012 / Jerome, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: I was told that a bullfrog could be propped up and sit like a human, and would not be able to move, so I decided to test out the theory. I called a few people to see if this would harm the frog, they said no. I went to my aunt Marty's house, she has a big pond with lots of frogs. I tested it out on a few frogs, but they all screamed (distress signal). Finally, I came across this big guy and he couldn't care less. This bullfrog was so calm he never tried to hop away. The frog would just let you hold him. We would put him on the ground and he didn't hop away. We have a pic of the same frog sitting on my cousins lap, in the same position just like a lap frog.