Bungling fugitives' getaway bike fails to start in India

A getaway bike failed to start when four thugs tried to flee for their freedom evading police.

All of them piled on a bike and tried to make a desperate escape, but the conked-out bike just would not oblige.

Karna Bera, who is accused of killing a policeman in 2015, was being taken to court in Contai, West Bengal, India, on October 4.

His accomplices freed Bera by throwing bombs inside the court complex and firing at the policemen.

A court official and a police constable were shot at from close range.

As the men ran across the road, two accomplices pulled up on a bike to pick them up.

All four were seated, but the motorcycle sputtered forward and then stopped forcing the men to continue their mission on foot.

That gave the police enough time to pursue the thugs, who ran in different directions.

Bera, who was wearing a cream shirt and dark pants, entered a home, which was surrounded by the police.

He surrendered after a while and was back in police custody.