Burning Cadillac rolls down road and crashes into house in Tennessee

This was the moment a vintage Cadillac went up in flames and rolled down the road before crashing into a nearby front yard in Tennessee.

In footage captured yesterday (March 27) in Chattanooga, two friends who were supposed to go for an outing in the vehicle noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet.

They deserted the car before it was suddenly engulfed in flames.

The fire department arrived and proceeded to hose the car down but moments into the dousing, the breaks burned according to the filmer and the car rolled down the hill.

As it nearly lightly crashes into a neighbour's front yard the car comes to a halt after being stopped by some foliage.

The filmer said: "My friend and I were going for a drive in his 1970s caddy when we saw some smoke come up from the engine.

"We turned the car off immediately and got out and called 911.

"When the fire department arrived they started hosing the car down and not 20 seconds later, the breaks burned and the car just went down the hill with gravity!

"The car ended rolling into a neighbour's yard with minimal damage on the property but the car [was] completely destroyed."