Bus conductor in the Philippines dubbed 'Spider-man' as he climbs over passengers' heads to collect fares

A bus conductor in the Philippines has been dubbed 'Spider-man' because of his unusual way of climbing over passengers' heads to collect fares.

The young lad, filmed on August 9, works on severely overcrowded public buses in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines.

He uses the chrome handrails to climb above passengers while reaching down to collect their money during the packed bus.

Footage shows the conductor, dubbed 'Spider-man' by the passengers, issuing tickets while collecting fares inside the packed bus bound to Cavite from Makati City.

Passenger Art Matro said: "Doing this every day can be stressful, but he made us happy and entertained. He is a hardworking 'SpiderConductor'."

Bus fares in the Philippines are often collected by a 'clippie' who walks among passengers throughout the journey.

However, public transport is becoming increasingly crowded in Metro Manila so bus conductors, like the man seen in the video, have come up with ever more creative ways to carry out their duties.