Bus driver hits horse-drawn carriage sending animal skidding across road

This is the shocking moment a bus driver tried to overtake a horse and cart but hit the vehicle, sending the animal skidding into a car.

The motorist was carrying passengers in the jeepney van when he tried to pass the horse and cart in Cebu City, the Philippines on August 3.

But the rear wheels clipped the carriage and pushed the hapless horse forwards.

CCTV shows how the grey steed was sent skidding on its hooves across the tarmac before smashing into a parked car.

Miraculously, the horse hobbled back to its feet and walked away unscathed after the incident on the busy road.

Local officials investigated the crash after being given CCTV of the incident but said they had not received a complaint from the groom and the bus driver had not been punished.

Townhall official Jane said: ''The horse may not have been seriously injured because the jockey did not come to use to make a complaint. We always inform our city drivers to be careful to avoid these accidents."

Horse-drawn carriages, locally called tartanilla or kalesa, are still a popular tourist attraction in some cities in the Philippines especially those that were occupied by the Spanish.