Bus driver stops traffic to save lost kitten on road before passing biker adopts it

This is the heartwarming moment a bus driver stops rush hour traffic to rescue a stranded kitten before a passing motorbike rider adopts the animal.

The frail moggy was seen struggling to stand as it limped between cars in Quezon City, Philippines, yesterday (December 3) - coming within inches of being run over.

A passing jeepney driver stopped the packed passenger vehicle and help up the traffic while he scooped up the male kitten and placed it on the central reservation.

Motorcycle rider Kristian Nabus, 30, noticed the rescue but was afraid the vulnerable feline could be hit once it ventured back onto the tarmac.

Dashcam footage shows him yell ''Hey, give him to me'' to the jeepney driver who hands him the animal. Kristian, a software developer, then spent the day with the kitten in his office before taking him home after work.

Kristian has now adopted the kitten, now named Aerox, and he'll live with the other cats at his office.

He said: ''It was my first time to drive my Aerox bike, so I named the kitten Aerox. I guess it was a coincidence. I want to promote this kind of caring.

‘’I knew it wouldn't be safe for the kitten to stay on the road. Even in the bushes in the middle of the road, it would only be a matter of time before he walked out again and risked being hit.

''The jeepney driver wasn't to know that. He did the good work in the first instance by stopping traffic to save the cat. I just finished the job and made sure he went to a safe home.''