Bus powered by natural gas bursts into flames after mechanic opened tank

This is the moment a bus powered by natural gas burst into flames seconds after a mechanic opened the tank.

The vehicle, which uses low-cost NGV gas, was being checked over at a garage in Singburi, Thailand on Wednesday (August 21) afternoon.

Mechanic Warintorn Boonlert, 49, said when he removed the valve of the tank there was an explosion followed by a fire.

Firefighters arrived and spent an hour tackling the inferno. The bus and a second coach parked next to it were both ravaged.

Warintorn said: "The bus was installed an NGV gas tank and I tried to opened it, but then it exploded.

"I jumped from the bus and ran from the explosion. After I figured out what was happening, I grabbed the fire extinguisher but the fire was already getting too big.

"I contacted the firefighters after I realised that it was beyond my control. I am so upset that the fire has spread to other cars with me unable to do nothing."

Police Major Worachai Srichai came and investigated the scene. He said: "Initially the damaged cost over two million baht.

"However, it was good that there was no injury, and we will investigate further for the caused of the fire."