Canadian man discovers raccoon gave birth in his garage overnight

This was the heartwarming moment a Toronto man discovered that a protective mother raccoon had given birth in his garage overnight on Tuesday (May 21).

The filmer suspected the mother gave birth as he saw her previously with no offspring as he left his garage door open.

He explained in a post online: "We had to take the babies off the shelf safely so they didn’t roll off.

"Before anyone rips my head off, just know we didn’t touch them, just lifted the mat they were on and placed them on the floor.

"The mother was being co-operative thankfully. We let them be for a good couple of hours. They eventually left!

"This is, unfortunately, the second time we had a raccoon sneak into our garage.

"The first time being the worst. The first time, my car was in the garage and the raccoon climbed onto the roof of my car and unplugged the garage door opener.

"My car was stuck in there. Luckily, we have a storage room with a window that can be accessed from the back yard.

"Had to get our landlord's contractor to break the window open and open the garage door from the inside."