Canadian Squirrel has a Stockpile of Timbits

Occurred on January 30, 2022 / Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada

Info from Licensor: My name is Tracey. This video was filmed in January of 2022, in Nova Scotia, Canada. There had been a squirrel living in our backyard shed for some time, having built a nest on top of an old window screen that was draped across the rafters. I had also discovered at some point that the squirrel was using an unused lawnmower bag that was hanging on the wall of the shed to store his/her nuts. When I went into the shed in search of my daughter's sled in January of 2022 I noticed that the lawnmower bag was full to overflowing and that what was in it no longer looked like nuts. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the squirrel had collected DOZENS of Tim Hortons Timbits from the restaurant down the road from us.