Car Takes an Unexpected Wrench to the Windshield

Occurred on March 22, 2021 / Gainesville, Virginia, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is dash cam footage of an incident that took place on I-66 in Gainesville, Virginia. On my way home from work, out of nowhere, something shattered my windshield. I'm fine, but the windshield was totally busted out with two silver dollar sized holes. The inside of my truck was also covered in glass. The wrench was traveling so fast that the camera distorted the last image of it as it hit the glass. It was more scary than anything because I didn't know what hit me until I got home and reviewed the footage. I don't think the white car even realized they kicked the wrench up. Close call and it could've been a lot worse. If you don't have a dash cam, get one!"