Cardiology team sing inspiring song to combat coronavirus

Our cardiology team at the # MünchenKlinik Bogenhausen took Michael Kiwanuka's song “Love & Hate” as a model and made it into their own version in complete in-house production. Absolutely awesome the commitment and with a strong message, representative for all people out there who are there for you in this challenging time & push their limits: hold on, hold together! We can make it through this time together! We will not let it get us down, we will stay there for you, you will stay at home for us.

To our friends in Italy, Spain, France, the UK, the US and all over the planet: this message goes out to you directly from the hard working medical staff from München Klinik. We are in this together! This virus can’t take us down! It can’t break us down, we will keep on fighting here, so let’s work together patiently and stay for us at home!