Careless mum in a hurry leaves two-year-old son on bus

A careless mum in a hurry got off a bus and left her two-year-old son behind on his own.

The CCTV video, captured in Zhengzhou City in central Henan Province on January 14, shows a boy getting on a bus with his mum, then taking a seat at the front while his mum walks to the back.

Since the woman is in a hurry, she gets off the bus without taking her son with her.

After the bus driver noticed that the boy was on his own, he called the police and asked nearby passengers to look after the toddler, who was brought to an office at the final bus stop.

Finally, the boy’s mum went to the office to collect her son after realizing her mistake.

According to reports, the woman, named Zhang, ran a clinic and she had an emergency situation there on that day.

As she was anxious and wanted to get the clinic as soon as possible, she forgot her son on the bus.