Caring vet adopts monitor lizard who was attacked and dumped in ditch by Thai factory workers

A giant monitor was rescued after being attacked by cruel factory workers and chased into a gutter.

The 6-foot-long reptile was found cowering in a filthy storm drain with a plastic bag stuck on its tail on Tuesday (June 11) in Pathum Thani, central Thailand.

Residents said the beast had been beaten by staff at nearby factory after it curiously walked into the building in search of food.

Fortunately, rescue workers arrived and lifted the 49kg lizard to safety.

The animal was found to have suffered broken bones, C spine fractures, and a partially broken skull. He also had blood in his eyes and his mouth was injured.

Caring vet Taweesak Anunsiriwattana nicknamed the lizard 'Godzilla' and adopted him after forming a ''bond of friendship'' while saving him.

The vet said: ''I feel so bad for this poor giant that was attacked by a human, so I promised to myself that I will take the best care of him until I’m sure he is safe.''

“Monitor lizards can sometimes act aggressively when they hurt but this one doesn’t. He is very calm too. So, everyone here starts to like him and love to have him around now.”

Taweesak said ‘Godzilla’ had suffered ‘’severe injuries’’ when they arrived at the scene. Taweesak and his assistants rushed him to the emergency and urgently gave him antibiotics and painkillers.

The monitor lizard is now recovering but still needs to be under the close observation by the team. Taweesak is keeping him at the hospital until he is fully fit.

Taweesak added: ‘’He’s a very big reptile, one of the biggest I’ve seen in the city. But he’s friendly and very gentle. I will take care of him.’’