Carnival in Philippines crosses road flooded by Storm Bailu

Severe floods did not dampen the spirits of these carnival-goers - they carried on the procession through knee-deep water.

The area was battered yesterday (24 August) by heavy rain and winds from Tropical Storm Bailu which hit the Philippines as it moved north towards Taiwan.

But locals on Maricaban Island in Batangas province continued their annual festival despite the treacherous conditions.

Footage shows the procession banging drums and chanting ''Maricaban'' as they dance through the rainy streets. Women use umbrellas to keep off the rain but their colourful dresses still get wet while the walk through the flood.

Onlooker Mae Celorio said: ''No one can stop them from having fun. They'll enjoy the carnival even if there is rain and floods.''

Tropical Storm Bailu formed to the east of the Philippines on Wednesday (21/08) and rapidly moved north while gaining strength. As the typhoon moved through the warm ocean waters it produced torrential rains and strong winds.

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) released a typhoon notice as it prepared for the tropical storm to make landfall at the weekend.