Cat rescued after falling and being impaled in Thailand

This stray cat used up one of her nine lives after falling onto a fence and being impaled on the metal spikes.

A clumsy moggy was walking across the roofs on homes when she fell onto the bars in Songkhla, southern Thailand on Tuesday (August 20) evening.

Residents followed the animal's cries and were horrified to see the cat's fur had been pierced through the railings.

They called the rescue foundation for help after trying to reach the cat themselves - only for the panicked feline to repeatedly try and bite them.

Two rescuers from Hat Yai foundation arrived in the evening and tried to calm her by covering her body with a cloth.

They then distracted the cat and let her play with a lasso before carefully pulling her up from the metal with tongs.

The frightened stray quickly ran away and hid in the drainage after the ten minutes long rescue. Locals waited for the cat then took her to the animal hospital afterwards.

Speaking in the video, one woman said: ''She was trying to move away when we went closer to touch her and that caused her more pain.

''We didn't see her bleeding but it's best if we could take her to the vet. We'll wait for her to come out and hopefully will take her to the hospital for treatment.''