Cat rescued after spending three days stuck at the bottom of sewer in Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment a stranded cat was rescued after being trapped inside a sewer for three days.

Passers-by heard the moggy crying near the row of park benches in Kamphaeng Phet, central Thailand last Friday (April 26).

They looked around and found the little cat lying inside the concrete well which had been covered with a broken lid.

Rescuers from the Sawang Kamphaeng Phet Foundation were called and came to save the poor animal later that afternoon.

They first lowered the hoop trying to capture him but it was not successful, so one officer from the transport office offered them a bamboo ladder to climb down the well.

A rescue officer then went down the six-metre-deep well to bring him up, which took about 30 minutes to eventually free the tiny cat.

The grey kitty, estimated to be two years old, looked starved and weak. Officers presumed that he might have been stuck there for three days.

The rescuer said: “The cat might have been jumping on top of the lid and there was a hole which was big enough for him to fall in.

“We took him to the vet for the check-up, then started looking for a new owner who loves cats and is willing to adopt him.’'