Cat runs up 35-feet well after rescuers struggle to pull her up

This rescue effort to pull out a cat from a well had an unexpected but a happy ending.

A cat fell into a 35-feet well in a village near Kottayam in South India and was unable to climb up. A few members of a local animal welfare group came together to initiate the rescue, lowering a bamboo basket into the well and coaxing the cat to jump into it, but the animal was too frightened.

In desperation, they moved the basket closer to her, which ended up scaring the cat and leading to her losing her balance and falling back into the water.

The rescue team then lowered the bamboo basket to water to help the cat, and at this point, the cat decides to take matters into her own hands: she scales up the well all by herself, not needing the help of the rescuers at all as they watched in relief and astonishment.