Cat Wants his Wet Food Right Meow

If you love kitties and all the funny things that they are capable of doing, this video will surely make you laugh out loud. Cats can be hilarious in any given situation, but when they are hungry, their funniest side comes to the surface. And this video is here just to exemplify that theory perfectly! It’s finally mealtime for this cat and she literally couldn’t be more excited about it. She can’t even wait for her owner to pour the food into the bowl! She is so desperate to have her food that she could eat the empty bowl! LOL! She is so funny! You absolutely have to see her grabbing tiny pieces of cat food with her paw! OMG, how hungry is this cat? And the fact that her owner is taking so long to serve the food is not helping at all! They keep pulling the half-full bowl from one end of the table to another! Be patient, kitty! So precious!