CCTV footage captures horrifying moment UK courier stumbles into bus after falling off bike

This is the horrifying moment a Just Eat courier stumbled head first into an oncoming bus after he fell off his bike in Cardiff.

Filmed on June 2, Joseph Nicholson is seen falling off his bike and hitting his head after making a left turn off the main road.

After leaning on the wall for over a minute, Nicholson takes a few short steps before losing consciousness and tumbling into a road where he collides with the bus.

The courier told Newsflare: "I felt the need to lean against the wall because I could feel myself blacking out.

"I was KO'd on my feet doing the chicken dance. My body decided to have a day off and take me into the road where I go toe to toe with a Cardiff bus.

"I've come away from it with a concussion, a cut to my neck and soreness throughout my body as if I've been hit by a bus!

"I am so, so lucky and can't help but feel there is an angel on my shoulder. The bus was genuinely worse off than me.

"I am hanging up my boots as a courier after about 1700 hours of cycling this past year as I can't help but feel the universe wants me elsewhere."