Cement mixer smashes into cars while trying to squeeze through narrow gap in Cambodia

A cement mixer was caught crushing a car while trying to squeeze past in traffic jam in Cambodia.

The 15-tonne vehicle was stuck in a queue of vehicles in Phnom Penh during rush hour on July 30.

Rather than wait, the driver appears to have tried to pass by a narrow gap on a building to right of him.

But he ploughed into the back of a silver Toyota Prius then continued powering forwards - crushing the car and knocking over motorcycle and trailer.

Shocked passenger, Heng, filmed the incident from the passenger's side window of the car he was travelling in.

He said: ''The cement mixer truck caused major damage to the Prius. One woman had to jump off her motorcycle which was also damaged.

''We think the truck was trying to get past to reach the construction site but caused an accident in the process.''