Check out this bodybuilder's arm the night before a competition

This was the night before the NAC British open - with the guidance of @the_condition_coach - loading up on 7000kcal in the 24 hours prior! Being my 7th show that season, we experimented with the goal to come in as FULL as possible. I remember the look on @marco_r7’s face when he watched me wolf down two large mains followed by chocolate bars as desert - an almost weary expression which communicated “are you sure mate?!”.

This combined with the numerous DM’s of shock and uncertainty coming in from those viewing my IG story showing me scoffing down meal after meal the day prior to competing! But there was very much a low stress mentality of “F*** it, let’s see how it pans out!”, which coincidentally produced a decent result!

Full and popping would be the way I’d describe the look that followed the next day... as evidenced by this video showing just a little vascularity moments before my second main course arrived the night prior! Good times!

Credit/Instagram: @julian_titanium