Cheeky monkey caught on camera stealing money from toll booth worker in northern India

An amusing video has emerged of a monkey stealing money from inside a toll booth in northern India.

The incident, caught on CCTV cameras installed inside the facility, took place on Apr. 25 in Kanpur city of Uttar Pardesh state.

Visuals showed a toll booth worker sitting inside his cabin with the windows rolled down and the cash register open, understandably to ease proceedings.

The man is caught off-guard when a monkey enters the booth through the window.

The cheeky primate climbs on the man's shoulders, who is busy fending himself and before he can register another move, the monkey picks up a few currency notes from the open wad and exits the facility.

Reports said the monkey is trained to carry out such operations, giving viewers a taste of 1996 Hollywood movie Dunston Checks In.

A biker had brought the monkey there to do the dirty job on his behalf, local media reported.

The monkey stole around Rs. 5,000 (GBP 55) from the cash register.