Cheeky monkeys take a dip inside city residence water tank in northern India

A group of monkeys was seen relieving themselves of dirt and dust while taking a dip in the water tank of a building in northern India.

In the video captured in Jhajjar, Haryana, the group of monkeys can be seen coming up on a terrace and running towards an uncovered water tank.

One by one the monkeys jump into the water tank while enjoying their dip in it. The monkeys can be seen jumping inside the tank soiling the entire water which is going to be used by the residents of the building for drinking and cooking.

Two tanks can be seen left uncovered. One of the monkeys can be seen diving inside the tank on the right side as he stays in the water before coming out. The others follow its suite as they enjoy the game.

A man who films the apes can be heard saying, ‘Look at them, these apes are jumping straight into the water that is going to be used for drinking and cooking.’

Forest authorities have been informed about such incidents in the past but the notorious monkeys are impossible to be curbed in the area.

The residents have now taken a note of the situation and the authorities are asking them to lock up their water tanks from being contaminated by the apes.