Cheeky thief sneaks up on bank employee and steals cash

This is the moment a cheeky thief sneaks up on a bank employee and steals money from behind.

The cashier at State Bank of India in Bayana in northern India was counting money on June 1 and had kept a bundle of notes on the floor next to him.

The CCTV camera at the bank caught the young thief crawling behind him and stealing money through a small opening in the cabin door.

The cashier was so engrossed in his work, he failed to notice the theft.

Later in the day when he was balancing the account, he realised that a large pile of money had gone missing and raised the alarm.

When the police inspected the spot and examined the CCTV footage they realised that a sly thief had struck.

''The bank has lost Rs 5 lakh (5,730 GBP) and we are looking for the teenage thief based on the CCTV footage,'' one officer said.