Cheeky wild bear caught in cage after stealing farmer's fruit

This is the moment a cheeky wild bear was caught in a cage after stealing a farmer's fruit.

Chatri Gundee was mystified after noticing his hanging jackfruit's kept disappearing from his land in Rachinburi, Thailand.

The farmer then noticed claw marks on one of the pieces of fruit and set up cameras and a cage to catch the culprit.

He heard the Asian Black Bear roaring in the evening and found it locked inside the cage trap.

Chatri said: "This bear used to visit occasionally and I didn't mind, but then recently it started to very often.

"I feared that it might hurt other farmers. So I decided to contact the officials."

Chatri contacted the wildlife officers who then set up a cage with fruit inside among the trees in his 158-acre farm.

The cage was installed last week and finally caught the beast on Tuesday after it walked into the trap, which was being monitored by a CCTV camera.

The huge bear that weighed more than 400 lbs, was released back to the wild in Thap Lan National Park.