Children use pedestrian bridge as water slide during Philippines rain storm

These kids made the most of rainy weather - using a metal footbridge as a water slide.

Monsoon storms had turned the rusty iron bridge into a slippy slope, that the youngster were only too happy to take advantage of.

The two youngsters removed their tops to slide on their bellies down the walkway during heavy rain in Bicutan City, the Philippines on August 2.

They had to dodge pedestrians on their way home from work as they hurtled down the metal walkway wearing only their shorts.

Onlooker Kier Valeros said the pair were soaking went but happy while using the public path as an impromptu water park.

He said: "The children looked like they live nearby, so they won't be outside for too long in the rain.

''I was worried they could get hurt but they looked like they were having fun, so I think they were fine.''