Chinese businessman uses 16 buckets of coins to pay for property

A businessman used 16 buckets of coins which were worth more than £17,000 (150,000 RMB) to pay for the deposit of a property in eastern China.

In the video, filmed in Jinan City in Shandong Province on Wednesday (May 29), more than 20 employees pour the coins out of the buckets and count them on the floor.

According to reports, the workers separated the coins in different values and packed every £230 (2000RMB) in a bag, then weighted them on the scale.

They finally finished the counting work after three hours.

The man said he got the coins from his grocery business and saved them in the water buckets.

The property was worth £49,000 (430,000RMB) and the man paid £17,000 as a deposit.