Chinese 'dancing aunties' take over hotel lobby to avoid smog

Chinese dancing aunties took over a hotel lobby to continue their square-dancing exercise after being warned against the smog outdoors.

In the CCTV video, filmed in Nanjing City in eastern Jiangsu Province on November 27, several women walk into a hotel lorry one-by-one and start to practice their dancing.

Since the hotel staff failed to stop the women, they called the police.

However, the group of women still kept dancing when the police has arrived.

A policeman can be heard saying: “You cannot dance here”.

Dancing women reply: “The government encouraged all citizens to do exercise... It has smog these day so we moved inside for exercise...

"The smog will last for four days. After four days, we will not come again even if you invite us to.”

Finally, they packed up their things and left after having danced for 40 minutes.