Chinese electrical workers nap on 50-metre-high transmission tower

An electrical worker named Xiao Jiang filmed his workmates napping on a 50-metre-high transmission tower in southern China.

In the video, filmed in Chenzhou City in Hunan Province on April 5, several workers use safety ropes to tie themselves to the power pylon and take a nap hanging perilously high in the air.

According to Xiao Jiang, his workmates and he need to climb up to 100 metres up the pylons which is tiring for them, so they only go down when it is time to eat and otherwise remain on top of the tower.

Chinese netizens showed their respect and worries by leaving sweet comments: "It is OK to have power cut, but please make sure to get home safely. Your families are waiting for you."

Others supportive comments included: "You guys are great!" and "Be safe."