Chinese girl clings onto bed sheets for 15 minutes after falling down a well

A four-year-old girl who dropped down a water well held onto bed sheets for 15 minutes until firefighters arrived to rescue her in eastern China.

In the video, shot in Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province on April 30, a girl hangs onto the bed sheets inside a well while her older sister and another person hold the other end of it to try to keep her above the water.

A firefighter tied by a rope lowered down into the well to rescue the girl.

The girl's 16-year-old sister can be heard encouraging her:" Come on! Don't sleep! We need to be brave!"

According to reports, the girl fell into the well accidentally when her older sister was hanging clothes there.

Then the older sister asked help from neighbours and a group of people sent the bed sheets, which were tied together, down to the girl to hold.

Fortunately, the girl was brought back to safety and she was unharmed.