Chinese man hangs on the side of moving coach for promotional campaign

A Chinese man was spotted hanging on the side of a moving coach to promote in eastern China.

The bizarre CCTV video, filmed in Lianyungang City in Jiangsu Province on November 11, shows a man with a hand and a foot attached to the side of a coach, allowing him to hang from the outside in open traffic.

According to reports, a woman in a wedding dress also sat on the edge of the window on the coach, the outside of which was covered with posters.

On one poster, it was written: “To Ma Yong, at 11 am on November 17, 2018, I will propose you at the prettiest area in the city. Are you ready?”

It has been confirmed to be a promotional campaign, according to the investigation.

The coach driver was fined and deducted points on his license.