Chinese welder becomes online celebrity by inventing 'useless' stuff

A 30-year-old Chinese welder became an online celebrity after live streaming his useless inventions.

In the video, captured in Baoding City in northern Hebei Province on September 3, the inventor named Geng Shuai shows off some of his inventions, like the rotating umbrella which can keep you dry in rain, or the mini stool that you can attach to your foot and sit on it when you squat down.

Other items include a watermelon juice holder, a combined wine glass-bottle attachment and a meat cleaver phone case.

Geng once demonstrated his invention on a Chinese short video app named Kuaishou and got over one million views.

After that, he started to live-stream his crazy inventions to netizens and became an online celebrity quickly.

Now he has more than two million fans and he is named as “China’s ‘useless’ Edison”.

“If you invent anything useful, I will unfollow you,” a fan once told him.