Clashes in Caracas continue as rocks are thrown at motorcyclists and huge fences are destroyed

Protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas continued on for a second day on May 1. The continuing protests come after opposition leader Juan Guaidó failed to oust President Nicolás Maduro by raising a military coup the day before.

US supported Guaidó took to the streets with thousands of supporters as they faced tear gas canisters being fired at them from government security forces.

The aim was to reignite the momentum behind the drive to replace Maduro but the feeling after the military coup failed was that a pivotal moment had passed.

Guaido has now called on his supporters to engage in a "gradual strike" which could build momentum into a general strike and eventually paralyse the country.

The footage shows a barrage of rocks launching off a bridge as a group of motorcyclists drive under defending themselves with plastic shields.

The filmer captures angry anti-Maduro activists jumping up and down on a huge metal fence in order to crush it to the ground.

As police vehicles gather in a convoy the filmer captures protesters running out from under a bridge to throw rocks.

Smoke or tear gas canisters litter the street and at one stage the filmer walks straight through a huge plume.

Gunfire and shouts permeate this edited together series of clips as the activists take on Maduro's forces.