Clever chef slices 'tower of onions' using deft knifework

A skilled chef in south India filmed himself slicing a tower of six onions in a show of expert culinary knifework.

Filmed near Keelakunupatti in Tamil Nadu state on December 9, the chef, who works at a hotel slicing vegetables, showed off his hidden talent by stacking the six onions in a pile by size, then slicing them from the side into pieces without knocking it over once.

The video was shared on social media and drew a lot of views and praise from people online. One user, Younis Khan, said: “Amazing talent, he uses one strike for all. Even a machine cannot defeat the guy.”

Another social media user said, “Wish we could do all the work at a single strike like him and get back home from our offices early.”

A third user, Ritu Sharma, said, “Practise makes a man perfect. This is worth learning from him, if you practise your job well you’ll surely do wonders like him.”