Clever orangutan uses tools to grab snacks out of 'vending machine'

A hungry orangutan uses a stick to grab peanuts out of a food station at Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium.

To obtain the tasty treats, the orangutan has to shuffle the snacks in a vending machine-style machine down one level after another while avoiding plastic balls put in there as obstacles.

Writes the filmer: "The orangutan comes down from the slope, wanting a snack. He picks up a stick and he gets to work. It looks like he's after the peanuts. What he has to do is start at the top, move from one opening to another with his stick and then move the peanut one floor down after another until it reaches the bottom and it will fall out. There are some plastic balls in there to make it a bit more difficult. What an awesome idea. Orangutans always stun me how they manage to use tools."

The footage was captured on July 7.