Climate activism superstar Greta Thunberg arrives in New York City after 15-day yacht trip from England

Young climate activism superstar Greta Thunberg has made it to New York City Wednesday (August 28) after her 15-day voyage by yacht from Plymouth, England.

After disembarking to a cheering crowd in lower Manhattan, Thunberg opened a press conference saying, “Well all of this is overwhelming.”

“The trip was surprisingly good. I did not feel sea sick once,” Thunberg said, according to media.

Thunberg made the trip across the Atlantic to attend a United Nations climate summit taking place in September — and she did it without leaving a carbon footprint. She traveled aboard the Malizia II, which has its own solar panels and hydro-generators to power the yacht.

“This Friday I’m going to join the strike outside the UN, and then more events of course, and meeting people," she said according to reports.

Thunberg self-identifies as having Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological difference on the autism spectrum, Greta was thrust into the role of a global leader after years of struggling with crippling depression. One of her first victories was persuading her mother, a well-known opera singer in Sweden, to stop flying.