Clumsy baby elephant chases barking dog only to slip over and run away

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant tries to chase away a dog - only to slip over.

Nine-month-old T-noi was annoyed when the mutt started barking and ran after him.

But before he could get near the light brown aspin dog, T-noi slipped on the wet ground and fell on his chin.

Hilariously, the dog then turned back around and chased T-noi back into his enclosure at the Rai Aomgord Phu Kao Organic Farm in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Manager Sathian Jaikham said the baby elephant slipped after a rain downpour in the area on May 30.

He said: ''This baby elephant and the dogs have a rivalry going on. T-noi wants all the attention to himself so they have an uneasy friendship.''